Darrell Neely Sr. (ODIN)

Global Enlightenment Radio Network or as known by many as GERN RADIO is your only choice for discovering new and awakening knowledge. By simply tuning to your most fascinating radio shows on this network, you will find, discover and learn new and more intriguing things that have been hidden for centuries. Lies will be uncovered and space will become your newest playground. With our host working around the clock to provide you with the most incredible information, you’ll never get bored listening to our station. Tune in and let our hosts open your third eye and entertain you with amazing guest, knowledge and research. The concept behind this network is found in the tag line... Knowledge Enhanced By Factual Truth. When all the pieces of the puzzle come together, disclosure is seen in its truest form. GERN is fully run by Darrell "ODIN" Neely Sr.

Join the team

Currently, we are looking for top notch host that love to give true and accurate information to the listeners... We are not mainstream media at all but we believe in investigative research and fact finding. If you are a straight shooter and believe that you have a show that could grant additional truth to the listeners of this network, drop an email to me and I will be proud to open communication and see if you are a complete and competent fit.

Don't Think... Apply At GERNRADIO@GMAIL.COM